Jack Harlow And His Latest Hits On Veva Play Charts

Date: Sunday January 1, 2023

Time : 7:05pm

By Fork Magazine Staff

Jack Harlow Releases ''Back Stage Passes'' to Positive reviews featuring EST Gee Making The Veva Play Charts

Jack harlow.png Time: 7:05pm

Jack Harlow Fork Magazine

Jack Harlow is an up and coming rapper who has recently made a name for himself with his success on the Veva Play chart. His songs have consistently been featured in the top 50 of this chart, which is one of the most popular music charts in America. This success has had a tremendous impact on Jack’s career as it not only helps to increase his exposure but also gives him credibility amongst other artists and fans alike.

The Veva Play Chart was created by media giant Veva to track some of the most popular songs being played throughout America at any given time. It takes into account streaming numbers from services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and others when determining its rankings each week or month depending on what type of list you are looking at (weekly or monthly). The fact that Jack Harlow’s music can be found so frequently within these lists speaks volumes about how well-received he is by both critics and fans alike since making his debut just last year.

In conclusion, Jack Harlow's success on the Veva play charts proves that he truly deserves all of attention he's getting right now due to his hard work ethic combined with great songwriting skills . Not many new artist can say they've achieved such heights early into their careers like him , so it will be interesting to see where else this young star goes next!