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James Washington Professionally known as Playrunna Laid is a music artist. Born July 29th 1988. He Originated from Oak Cliff Texas. As a pre teen washinton gravitated towards sports befor music, playing Basketball and Football. Laid began to be Inspired by his homeboys in his neighborhood , who had already released previous mix tapes. his passion for music gave him the urge and curiosity to want to be apart of some there tapes. After Being Turned down so many times from being told he wasn't ready. He began to develop his craft. Additionally Another form of Inspiration to Play Runna Laid is Legendary Lil Wayne who shares similar sounds to rapper. As Time Progress Play Runna Laid Perfected his craft and In conclusion, created his own lane in the field of Music.

Playrunna Similarities and Inspiration

When comparing sounds lil wayne and play runna share the same similarities they are known for there dynamic sound and word play. Lil wayne is a celebrity who originated form louisiana. sound can relate to their pitch and use of auto tune. Bothe rappers lil wayne and play runna laid falls in the category of Hip-hop / and trap. Playrunna laid lyrics are filled with heartfelt passion revolving around his life and environment. after being inspired by rappers like lil wayne this encourage him to pursue music as a full time career.