MBD Bari

By Josh Leverick



MBD Bari, born as Debari Augustine, grew up in the Hunter’s Point district of San Francisco, California. Growing up he spent a lot of his time moving around never staying somewhere more than a couple years which probably explains why his rap style is so diverse unlike other artists who have one singular rapping style and started to diversify. He started out diverse, able to take any beat and make it his own, working on developing a style that is unique but also able to keep up with his mainstream competition. MBD’s favorite artists are Cash Kidd, Joyner Lucas, Travis Scott, Tee Grizzley, Polo G, and Mozzy which a lot of time shows throughout his music whether it's in the beat or the way he chooses to deliver his clever, heavy hitting bars. His first song released in 2015 titled Just Me only hit 220 views while his latest hit Run It Up has reached a good 23,000 views. Every song he makes looks to improve on the one before it until he achieves his perfect style.

MBD Bari is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia where he moved in order to immerse himself in the popular music culture. There he has further honed his craft by performing at a variety of homecomings, talent shows, and other large performances.

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