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Who Is Susana Escono's ?

Susana Esono’s music is a powerful blend of Pop and R&B from Bioko Island. She adds modern shades to the already contemporary combo music genre while still retaining a warm classic vibe. That is what sets Susana Esono’s music apart. Her strong points in the songs she makes are mellifluous melodies and lyrics written by her form a strong emotional connection with listeners – soul stirring. Her single “Wanna” contain all those trademarks.

She uses her life experiences to tell compelling stories to her listeners, allowing her songs to be able personal themes that can be quite emotional and introspective, but that remain very easy to relate to for people from all walks of life. Recently, the artist has created a brand new single “Work From Home”. This new project is all about losing yourself and feeling comfortable in your own space channeling the edge of neo-soul and the lightness of pop.

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