Poochie2chees Music Artist 

~About and Early Life~ 

Calvin Brown and was born and raised in the South Bronx. Growing up, his parents were both present in my life until 2002 when my father passed away on October 12th of that year. Though it was a difficult time for him living in the Bronx had its advantages as well as disadvantages - it could be fun but also depressing at times. 

In 2010,  he moved to Seattle with hopes of pursuing a career playing basketball; however, this did not work out for me like I had planned. Despite this setback though, being there instead of New York changed how he viewed many things around me and gave me new perspectives on life itself. 

Unfortunately 2019 saw another major change take place - one that drastically altered his trajectory yet again: an altercation led to legal issues which resulted in jail time ranging from three to six years depending upon various factors outside of what actually occurred during the incident itself.. During this trying period however prayer saved my soul which eventually enabled an early release back home by 2022 July whereupon music became a passion project through rap under P2C (Poochie 2 Chees). Through these songs about pain party-ing & soulful sounds alike ,he hope to bring joy into people's lives while still crafting something meaningful .