Ytl Dolla$ Inspiration and About

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About Ytl Dolla$ Early Life and More 

YLT Dolla$, also known as Qua Qua, is an up and coming music artist who began his career in 2007. He has become highly recognized for his single titled “100 and 600” which was released in 2017. His inspiration comes from rap legends such as Boosie Badazz and he hopes to one day reach the Billboard charts with his own music. 

He has connected with some of these legendary artists through collaborations over the years. YLT Dolla$ worked on a track alongside Boosie Badazz called “No Hooks” that reached number 11 on iTunes Top R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 2019; this collaboration marked a major milestone for him as an independent artist since it was the first time he had ever been featured on any chart or playlist outside of SoundCloud streams! Additionally, he recently collaborated with Omarion & TIP to release their song entitled “Gotta Get It Right Now." This collaboration further proves how far YLT Dolla$ influence reaches within hip hop culture today - demonstrating that even though still relatively unknown compared to other mainstream rappers out there right now, we can expect big things from him soon enough! 

Overall, YLT Dolla$ is making waves within hip hop culture by creating quality tracks featuring top industry names like Boosie Badazz & Omarion & TIP . With all these achievements under his belt already at such a young age we can only imagine what else this talented rapper will accomplish next – so keep your eyes peeled for more great things coming from YTL Dolla$ soon!