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Oluniyi Bankole (born March 6, 1975), known professionally as Nigerian Coke is an Nigerian/American rapper born in Northwest, Washington DC. He moved to P.G. County Maryland and he attended Thomas Pullen elementary school in Landover MD, he had a brief stint at Suitland High School MD but was expelled so he had to finish his education at Largo High School MD. Nigerian Coke lost his father early, so he grew up with his mother, older sister and younger brother Michael. As the man of the house, he had to do big man things that saw him get arrested in his early years. His longest stint with the law saw him do an 8 and half year bid, but in total he has been incarcerated for almost 15 years. Nigerian Coke also hosted rooftop parties and events that were the talk of the town in the DC metro area. His street credibility in the tri-state made him one of the realest rappers in the nation's capital. His biggest inspiration was the legend 2pac who he met the night he got killed at the Tyson fight. There is a clip that shows Nigerian Coke at the event before everything went down. Nigerian Coke has a lot of rap songs and videos to his belt, but every time it seems his career is about to take off his past seems to catch up with him and the law tries everything in their power to cage him. He is out and ready to prove to the world that his lyrics are 100% real and that he is here to stay.

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