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The Biography of JaeLz Inspiration and More

By Peter Gibson

Dwight Jael Corniell known as JaeLz (born April 22, 1991) is an American singer, songwriter and recording artist. Upcoming as an independent artist born and raised in country side Vineland, NJ has found a home and warm feeling to continue his music journey in Tampa, Fl. JaeLz has been singing and working quietly remaining humble perfecting his craft, with some considering him the "Best Collaborator" working with many underground music artist. His style of music is grabbing many eyes in the mainstream, with his R&B/HipHop being characterized by several influences from other genres, mainly hip hop, R&B and pop music. His music and lyrics deliver themes of sex, romantic love, fast life, desire, and the difficulty of controlling emotions.

Chris Brown, DJkhaled and Drake have played a major inspiration to his music career as these artist/producer’s are very talented and know how to hit that spot when it comes to the art of music!

JaeLz is focus and waiting patiently on that light to be shined on him and hoping one day he can thank god and his fans on a big stage at the Grammy’s

Early Life

Growing up in Vineland, Nj everybody had a passion to pursue music but none of his peers had the tools or knowledge to reach further out!

He has 4 sons whom he loves more than anything in this world; play a major part in why he is so destined for greatness and is motivated.

Hoping to one day lead them to success after his own steps!