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Sed Fromda Ville. Professionally known as Sedrick Latorris Crawford. Born December 12, 2000. Sed is a music artist based out of Albany Ga. Sed has always been free styling. Like many top celebrities his dream is to become a global icon thought-out the music industry. After loosing his father. He then located to Tifton Ga, were he began his music career. After loosing his mother to cancer.

He found the strength to continue, guiding his fans with his heart felt music. He then discovered the stage name ''Sed Fromda Ville''. Other celebrities of the Music Industry like Lil baby , Young thug , Gherbo , Polo G, Migos so as Kevin gates all became a part of Sed inspirations. His craft consist of being versatile , like using vocal switch ups. This is what stands him apart from other rappers.

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