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Who is RoyalDBlack The King ? A New Hip Hop Music Artist

RoyalDBlack born May 2 1997 is an emerging hip-hop/R&B artist from Greenville North Carolina who’s currently bringing his hard-hitting anthems to the global stage. He was born and raised in Greenville NC. His sound perfectly blurs the line between modern trap and lyrical hip-hop and he brings listeners into a dark gritty world of ferocious flows and bass-heavy beats. His unique delivery set him apart from his peers. Drenched in luscious auto tune, his pop infused R&B anthems brings a whole new energy to the game. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Drake, he breaks down boundaries in modern Hip Hop, bringing a fresh new flavor to the modern music scene. He’s known for his electrifying energy and boundless charisma. His stage presence is simply spectacular and he has been wowing audience worldwide for some time now. He’s put out a successful string of singles including “Diaries Vol 1” which is all about his life as a king and the woman he meets in his life.