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Sylvia Burgess. Professionally known as BossMade Trigger. Born February 10th 1992 is a songwriter and rapper raised In Valdosta Georgia. She is the youngest child of six older siblings. Trigger has worked hard with her grandfather to make money as a child.

In the process of making money BossMade Trigger began writing poetry at the age of 12. A few years later she developed a strong passion for music. One of her oldest sisters inspired her to want to do music. This was because she was a singer as well. After her triggers sister attended the American Idol show this became a inspiring to Sylvia.

Growing up Sylvia would always rap with her formal friends from Valdosta Ga. At an earl age Burgess began drawing attention from many people as they complimented her talent. This lead her to continue rapping as a career. The Unique name ''Trigger'' describes her personality and drive. This is a analogy meaning easy to set off. Growing up Burgess listened to artist's such as Tupac, Lil Wayne, 50 cent, Michael Jackson and Eminem. Her goal now is to create a impact as a female artist.

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