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ABOUT: Draulo (draw-low) is a multi-talented artist born August 23rd on the southside of Atlanta GA, specifically in Clayton County. Draulo found his passion for the arts at a very young age around 5 years old according to his family. While having a huge influence within his artistic style, Draulo’s family has always been involved in the musical/artistic world, whether it be classical singing, to listening to video game instrumentals. Draulo has always been learning various tempos and methods of music and musical patterns, he always expresses his interpretation of that melody in his own ways.

Aside from his unique craft as a musician, Draulo is also a professional dancer of his own style he calls “Urban Animation”. He Originally got recognized by the one and only Master P (Owner/Founder of No Limit Records) after he and his allies posted a video on YouTube dancing to Master P's song "We Did It" in Killeen TX. In addition to that, he also went semi-viral due to a video posted to Plies' "Rock" song recorded that same day. Sources say that Draulo's true inspiration that sparked him to dance was his father "shadow dancing" on the wall one night

Along with his success as a visual artist, Draulo also has gained a pretty solid fan-base through his music will over !2,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify and 18,000+ followers on his social media. Collectively draulo has accumulated an estimate of 100,000+ streams on his music on all stores Throughout his career, Draulo has gained many prospects and received credibility from a multitude of respected names in this industry. and while he started as a dancer we've come to find out Draulo is an all-around Artist.

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