Lust Ducketts About


Leslie Robert Duckett better known as Lust Ducketts is an American rapper song writer who is born and raised in Harlem. A string personality who was raised from humble beginnings; fell into the streets at the young age of 10. Young and eager to get his “hands dirty”, Ducketts was influenced by the culture of his environment, becoming in awe of the art form(rap) as a way to capture all of the experiences of life in the Danger Zone {Uptown HARLEM}. After several run-ins with the law upon his most recent release from prison in 2017; Lust DUCKETTS began his musical journey, following the lead of other well known artist from the town. As he plans to share some of his deepest thoughts; given us that raw we haven’t seen coming from our city in a while, Ducketts will debut a style only the REAL will better understand. Through all the new transitions and bouncing back, Ducketts plans to change his lifestyles and struggles by making music for ppl in the struggle !!

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