Dero Biography

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''The Rapper That Desires To Change The World Through Music''

Dero was raised by a single mother and dealt with obstacles being diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar. Overtime he learned to cope and adapt , he hopes to inspire individuals who are currently facing similar issues. From a young age Dero understood that he could not have the things and wear the clothes that other kids had in school. This was because of his financial situation. Dero observed the light and lessons and uses this to inspire himself to support his loved ones and chase his dreams.

Dero's biggest inspiration to music is not a rapper but a reggae artist... and that artist is Bob Marley. To use the power of love and light to inspire people and bring something good to the table is what Dero lives for. He is not like any other rapper in the music industry... His Motives are place on being against violence , self harm nor taking drugs. his lyrics covers a positive message along with a unique energy and his desires is to inspire people that there is more to music. Dero want the people who gravitates toward his brand to be the best version of themselves, and hopes to show people that you don't have to to follow low frequency trends , habits, and ideas...

''Open your heart. let that guide you to the best version of you.''