Joshua Michael Carrozza professionally known as Suraeh is a music artist. His define purpose is to connect with the world through music. He feels it is his responsibility to save our slowly dividing world. Which is why he took on the name of Suraeh. It’s backwards for Hear Us, hear the little people; we are a voice!

Suraeh was born on September 19th 2000. He was born to two beautiful hearing impaired parents. Growing up in the Sydney suburb of Guildford, life was hard with two deaf parents, and coming from a low-income society. From learning how to communicate, being the breadwinner at times for the family and taking on adult responsibilities from the get-go. It was pretty ironic that the son of two deaf parents was wanting to play instruments and be a dancer.

Music has always been apart of Suraeh life. His dream is that one day he will be up on the big stage. Throughout his life his father brought him up on Jazz and Rock and Roll, where he then fell in love with the soothing voice of Dean Martin and the spectacular nature of Elvis. From there, Suraeh branched off into other genres such as Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Dub-step, Disco and the 80’s. He is inspired by celebrities like Michael Jackson to ABBA to Eminem.

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