BouttaBagKaro Early Life and Inspiration to Kanye West and Tyler the Creator

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Ikaro Silva, also known as BouttaBagKaro is an upcoming rap artist. He was born in San Pablo, California but his family is from Brazil so he loves to represent his second home. Ikaro makes many types of rap music from love songs, to lyrical songs, and also lit and hype songs.

In his early years, Ikaro would listen to a lot of artists but Michael Jackson is definitely one that stands out. He started off his career with his first song in 2017 called “Personal” and ever since then, he’s been making music for people to love and listen. Ikaro gets a lot of his inspirations by listening to all different types of artists,

from Kanye West to Tyler The Creator to Childish Gambino. Ikaro loves to spend time with his family and people that believe in his music and what he wants to accomplish. He loves to write and record music whenever he has the time.