Upcoming Artist XLILE 

Biography, Early Life and Inspiration By NBA Young Boy 

XLILE Music Artist.png 

XLILE is an up-and-coming rapper from the small town of Marshall, Texas. He has been rapping since he was nine years old and credits his auntie and uncle for introducing him to the craft at a young age. His musical influences include NBA Youngboy, XXXTentacion, and Tupac – three artists who have had a tremendous impact on hip hop culture in recent memory. 

Currently XLILE is hard at work creating new projects such as albums and singles that will showcase his unique style of rap music for fans around the world to enjoy. He hopes that through his music he can provide listeners with something they can relate to while also inspiring them with positive messages about life experiences he’s gone through himself growing up in East Texas. 

XLILE has already made impressive strides towards achieving success within the rap game but still remains humble enough not forget where it all began; appreciating those who helped shape him into being one of today’s most promising rising stars in hip hop culture today!