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Devyn Lamont Wilson-Cowan is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, known professionally as “KD Lamont” who was born August 6, 2000, in Lexington, Kentucky. The Lexington native started his early career in the music industry in 2020, while perfecting a smooth and lyrical vocal style. In his first six months, he released four singles, catching the attention of the Bluegrass state. Within this period of making music in a professional setting, he gained the interest of local clients who see his music as a future success. From a young age, he fell in love with the sounds of hip-hop greats, “Andre 3000”, “Lil Wayne,” Kendrick Lamar,” and “Speaker Knockerz.” With that inspiration, 2020 saw the release of his first complete album, “ Diamond In The Rough.” Songs such as “ Westbrook and KD (feat. Tay Bean)”, Valley of Hell, and The Same” surged in popularity days after the release. Whether in the studio or collaborating, KD Lamont has had a known presence within Lexington, looking to gain even more momentum as the year progresses.

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