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Christopher L Zachary, Professionally known as Bookie The Producer, is a 29-year-old music producer and engineer born on Jan 7, 1991, in St. Petersburg, Fl. Christopher was raised in Tempe, AZ, just 10 min away from phoenix. His music journey started at the age of 11 when is Grandpa had given him his first electric Squier guitar. At age 12, he began learning how to play the drums for his church and joined the ministry.

Christopher played for his church and in several different gospel bands until the age of 17. Not only was Christopher a Musician, but he also grew up around Music producers and Artist in his family DJ U-Neek the producer for Bone Thugs N Harmony, to name one. At the age of 18, Christopher joined the United States Marine Corps and served for ten years and did two tours to Afghanistan. During Christopher's service time, he was always driven by music and knew that he wanted to create harmony and produce for various artists.

Christopher began working hard at his craft in music production and stayed disciplined on his music-making journey like he did with the Marine Corps and used what the Marine Corps has taught him: Semper-Fi do or die. Christopher's inspiration comes from Zaytoven, one of his favorite music producers he looks up to because of Zaytoven's work ethic and sound.

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