R.S.E PEE Music Artist About

R.S.E PEEZY Also Known as 1800 Splash That is Making hits for 2021

R.S.E PEE or R.S.E Peezy also know by his Instagram name 1800splashthat is a music artist known for his different vocals in the music industry. his roots is from the country, Majority of the artist time was spent with his grandmother and aunt. His genre of profession is considered hip hop and r&b or reality rap. His define purpose became to help encourage his fans though his lyric. as a Young child music grasp his attention , this is were he began dancing for his family members. As the Rapper Continued his music journey he released his official music video title ''Grade A'' to positive reviews on YouTube , the music video gained a total of 4k organic views within 2 days.