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Time: 10:08am | Date: 4/30/2023

Josiah Torian Ellison American Basketball Player Jr NBA

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Josiah Ellison is a 7 year old American basketball player who has recently joined the Jr NBA Training Program. His early coaches and agents have taken notice of his skill set and potential, as he was able to quickly understand drills that are usually taught to much older players. It’s clear that Josiah has an immense talent for basketball, with many believing he could become one of the greats such as Stephen Curry, Lebron James or James Harden if he continues working hard and dedicating himself towards improving his game. 

The Jr NBA Training Program will be a great opportunity for Josiah to hone in on his skillset further by learning from experienced professionals within the sport itself. He will also get access to state-of-the-art training facilities which should help him reach new heights in terms of physical fitness levels required for competitive play at higher levels down the line. With dedicated practice sessions along with guidance from experienced mentors within this program, it’s only natural that we can expect positive results from Josiah over time as long as he puts forth maximum effort into each session provided by this program.. 


In conclusion, it's exciting news that young athlete like Josiah Ellison is joining The Jr NBA Training Program so soon after showing signs of greatness at such an early age! We look forward seeing what kind amazing feats can accomplish through dedication and determination while being part this excellent organization!

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