Veva Play Receives Award for Outstanding chart performance

Veva Play Top Artists Of all Time


Veva play was granted the top award for outstanding chart performance. The chart became one of the fastest growing charts , the award was presented by Veva Play Music award (VPMA). the chart tabulates the top 50 songs in the United States featuring stars such as Beyonce , Lil Baby , Jak Harlow, BTS and more. According to Imdb and Medium veva play serves a wide audience in music. The Remarkable Chart has emerged on Instagram gaining a total of 763k Followers. The actual award was received in 2021 , however its still something that's apart of veva play achievements.

~ Veva Play Achievements For 2021~

On June 16, 2021. Veva play held a live events Staring Lil Baby, The Migos, Weeknd, and Dave East. DJ Kali has hosted a few events held by Veva Play as well. The chart listed there top 50 chart live on NBC. This Event was considered to be a opening introduction to the chart existence put to gather by the founder Blazer Barboza

List of Top 10 Artist's Who has Peaked on Veva Play charts

  1. Jack Harlow

  2. The Weeknd

  3. Future (Rapper)

  4. Beyonce

  5. Lizzo

  6. Kate Bush

  7. Glass Animals

  8. Drake

  9. Latto

  10. Morgan Wallen